Maybe I'll get lucky and Steve will see this.

NAM 3.2 IR1 with IDM 401 and the latest patches

I've got the NAM expired password URL as: &idp_return_url=<RETURN_URL>&store=<STOREID>&dn=<U SERID>&action=expire

It works fine except in this one regard:

User goes to say:
Gets redirected to the above URL
Changes password
Gets the "everything's fine, blah blah click here to return to calling
page" or something
They click on it

They get an Access Forbidden

It SEEMS that it's either:
a) not logging out of NAM properly
b) Not redirecting to the original URL which should show the user the
NAM login page

My questions:
1) Is there a fix for this so that it actually logs out of NAM and then
takes you back to the original URL you entered, which SHOULD give you
the NAM IDP login page again?
2) "hard-code" the returning page so that I can at least make it be the
NAM logout page (ie: /AGLogout)



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