Hi there folks,

I'm trying to figure out a strange situation in my UserApplication 4.0.2
Patch A.

At Administration>RBPM Provisioning and Security>Administrator
when I assign any user as Role Manager (not all permissions) and set to
it just "View Role" permission on a couple of "Selected Roles" is not

When I click in the save button, it come to me a message "Sucess:
Successfully saved permission" but it doesnt include it in the
permission list. In Jboss logs, I get the message "Authorization created

But when the user log in he can view all roles without limitation in
"Roles and Resources" tab.

obs1. My Role_Resource_Service_Driver is running and it does not
identify any changes or things to process.
obs2. I've done this test in the Course Lab's and it worked properly.

Do you guys have any idea about what is happening?


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