I am having an issue with my installation of UA3.7 on startup of jboss.
It has been installed for several months now, and is working, so I m not
sure how important this is. But I don't want to ignore it! When I look
at the server.log on startup I get the following error message:

2013-02-06 15:24:37,908 INFO [STDOUT] (main) ERROR [RBPM]
[ ementAclForPermission]
getElementAclForPermission: The id LDAPRealm\cn=p-idm-uaadmin,o=services
does not exist for the right PROTECT and element type

Userapp starts up fine. My workflows work. The userid referenced in
the error message does not exist in ldap. I have check everywhere for
the reference to this user id but cannot find it. I suspect it is
embedded either in jboss config files or the postgressql db.

Any help would be appreciated!


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