I am moving a new workflow into production. It is a simple messaging
workflow that sends a message to a user under certain conditions.
Everything works up to the point of the create E-Mail activity. No
E-Mail is ever sent. I do get an E-Mail from UserApp stating that the
resource request was approved. This comes from the Finish activity.
Here is the error in the server.log:

2013-02-13 08:57:42,174 INFO [STDOUT] (pool-13-thread-10) ERROR [RBPM]
[] [Workflow_Error] Initiated by
cn=idm-userapp,ou=people,dc=med,dc=umich,dc=edu, Error Message:
com.novell.soa.common.i18n.LocalizedResourceResolv erNoDefaultFoundException:
The resource resolver
com.novell.soa.notification.impl.vdx.LocalizedEmai lTemplateResolver did
not return a resource for the default locale of en. It is required that
a resource exist for the default locale., Process ID:
8c9ec5d1025c4b358d23f68a498f8623, Process Name:
CN=Messaging_PRD,CN=RequestDefs,CN=AppConfig,CN=Us erApplication,CN=UserApp,O=services:17,
Activity: Activity1, Recipient:

I searched project checker for an local messages including "en, but
found none. This same workflow works correctly in QA environment..

-Thanks in advance for any ideas!

-Mike K

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