IDM 4.0.x
UA 4.0.x (latest patch)

This topic has come up a couple of times before (links are below), with
the last answer being in the middle of 2011, but I wanted to describe my



We have a custom jar which was written to integrate a Workflow with NMAS
to allow instant feedback (via a task notification) of whether a newly
set password for a User was successful or not. The custom jar makes use
of both ldap.jar and NMASToolkit.jar; the 3 jar files were put into the
usual location of IDMProv/lib. However, we now find that this breaks
the forgot password functionality in the UA. When all 3 files are
present in the lib directory, the search functionality when you use the
'Forgot Password' link and enter a Username is broken and does not
return any result, and the server.log shows an error (similar to the
ones mentioned in the posts referenced above). When the ldap.jar file
is removed (to leave only 2 jars), the search functionality works and
returns the challenge response questions...but when submit is pressed,
NMAS gives an error. When both ldap.jar and NMASToolkit.jar are taken
out of the lib directory, everything works as expected...but, of course,
the custom jar does not work.

The question is: How does one deploy a custom jar which uses ldap.jar
and NMASToolkit.jar (without breaking into the IDMProv.was) and still
have the forgot password functionality (and possibly others) work? I
tried adding the -C directive to the startup script (as mentioned in one
of the posts above), but the result was the same.

Thanks in advance,


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