Hello, I've been digging into forum posts until crosseyed before
starting a new thread.

We've been notified that several workflows have failed to forward after
an approval activity. They seem to have happened on the same day but I
don't have enough data to be certain.

I believe the problem may be database related; our UserApp uses a M$SQL
database. I don't see anything in the server.log* files that indicate a
database connection problem, but the behavior sounds like similar ones
people have posted.

Below is a log showing a workflow kicked off, forwarded, provisioning
activities taking place, then being assigned to and claimed by a user on
the same day (2/26). When he approves it 2 days later it stops, it's
gone, there is no further activity. I see it in iManager, he doesn't
see it in UserApp... it's just in limbo. I believe there should be a
workflow object under
Requests.RoleConfig.AppConfig.UserApplication.Driv erSet.IDM but don't
see one.

If a database connection is lost, or UserApp is restarted, can in-flight
workflows really be orphaned?

Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1 Patch A,
Build Revision 37442

I'm sorry if this isn't enough information to assist, please let me know
what else to pull (besides my hair).

Thanks in advance!

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