I have got Userapp 4 installed using mysql running on IDM on RHEL 6.3.
When going throught the installation I choose to configure the LDAP
properties (via configupdate.sh) after the installation was complete.

After the installation of UserApp 4 was complete, I ran
../configupdate.sh and found the standard "roles based provision module
configuration" screen appeared.
After entering in the correct admin credentials, and selecting the Root
container / user container / group container / and user application
driver, I found when selecting all the 7 user application
administrations that no LDAP object selector box was displayed for me to
choose from. Entering values into these fields manually also did not
work. as all fields have to be filled in for the configuration to take
place this is currently holding me up in finalizing this installation.

I have attempted to use the -use_console to force this into console mode
to allow me to proceed with this installation, however either adding
this onto the command line when running this script as an argument (e.g
../configupdate -use_console or alternatively including it is the java
call (e.g ...dm.ldap.LdapConfig *-use_console * -provider_url
jnp:/localhost:1099 -file...) does not change anything.

does anyone have any suggestions how i can at least trace the error out,
as strace in Linux does not show me anything meaningful



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