RBPM 4.0.x

I was wondering how I would go about grabbing the 'before submit' event
on a form which has multiple submit buttons? Designer allows me to put
multiple submit buttons on a form, so I am assuming each one can act
independently of the other one (or is this not true)?

What I want to do is have a form with 3 buttons:

1. One Submit button with 'Enable'
2. One Submit button with 'Disable'
3. One Cancel button

When the User clicks either one of the two Submit buttons, I'd like grab
to grab the event and, before submitting the form, I'll just populate a
form field which I can then use in the Workflow logic. I could do
something similar with one Submit button and a radio field...but the
client won't buy it.

Is this possible, what I'd like to do? The Workflow deploys fine from
Designer...with the form having the three buttons, but I cannot seems to
figure out how to intercept the click of the second Submit button. I
know the first Submit button is referred to as SubmitAction when you
want to do the before_submit logic...but is there something for the
second Submit button (or the third, or the fourth etc etc)? Maybe use

Any ideas?



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