I have a site that has a very old UserApp and Novell Audit install. The
UserApp was logging to the old Novell Audit Secure Logging Server.
Everything was using the embedded cert that came with SLS. Well, that
embedded cert expired and now logging fails with a cert expired error in
the nproduct.log.

So I thought, just generate a customer cert for SLS using the old
auditcgen tool. I did that and went into the properties config on the
UserApp. I put in the new cert in the Novell Audit Digital Certificate
field. I wasn't sure what format to use for the Novell Audit Digital
Signature Private Key File. I used PEM, but the file browser looks for
cacerts or .p12.

In any event, after doing that, I get this now in nproduct.log:

Fri Mar 29 17:46:23 2013 [jlcache/MonitorCache]: Exception while
preparing to send data to server: Received fatal alert: decrypt_error

So I obviously have something still wrong. I'm starting to think that
this has nothing to do with digital signature because the SLS is not
requiring signing. Maybe there is some place else these certs have to
be placed?

I know this is pretty darn old stuff, so any help is appreciated.


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