I am trying to understand how to control access to Resources. In my
environment I am granting resources to members of roles through an
automated PRDs. When an attribute changes in eDirectory a driver
triggers a workflow that grants the resource. I have dozens of roles
that poor into several resources and growing. Because these are
automated there are no approvals required for these resources

I now need to provide access to ordinary users to request access to
different Resources. These will require approvals. The problem is users
see all Resources, even the ones that are meant for automation and
require no approvals. I need to control which Resources users can see
and select.

I have seen 'this ' (http://tinyurl.com/ckvb4tc)thread but it seems to
provide instructions on how to give users administrative access, not
restrict access. What am I missing? How can I separate and hide
automated Resources, or restrict the Resources users can request?


Mike K

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