Hi! I noticed that an onchange event in IDM 4.02 patch B acts
differently opposite to IDM 4.0. Earlier in order to put my code in the
onchange event I used the next construction:


var value = feild.getValue();
if (value != "") {


I had to check if the value is not an empty string because it is an
empty string on form initialization.
But now I see that an onchange event acts differently. On the form
initialization onchange event is called 3 times. All times the value is
"undefined". So it to put the next code line in the begining of the
onchange event of a CheckBoxPickList controle as follows:

var value = feild.getValue();
console.log("value: " + value);


than I got "value: undefined" 3 times in row.
Are those a real changes? Is it documented anywhere?

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