Hi, I'm trying to give a direct link to a Team WF. I think the default
way request a Team request is too complex.

So I tried to pass all the parameters as params but I'm not able to
understand the name of parameters.

i tried team,teamMember,prdCriteria,prdCategory without success.

If I call
IDM/getAFTeamResourceList.do?apwaLeftNavItem=JSP_MENU_ TEAM_RESOURCE_REQUEST&apwaActionScope=admin&apwaNe wSearch=true&wfdn=$MYDN

I'm able to address the specific wf and internally the userapp is
retriving the right team. So I'm able to simplofy a lot the process. But
I'm still not able to pass through parameters the value "
Process Request Category"

Is there any way to handle this via HTTP params? I cannot find

Thanks in advance,

Natan Sanson

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