I am working on a custom resource request approval workflow and I'm
having a few issues getting it to work with multiple resource
entitlement values. A user can request more than one entitlement value
when making the resource request. I have it looping through the values
to determine who the approver should be based on what entitlement
parameter value is, but it seems that it's taking the value of the
approve or deny and applying it to both of the entitlements requested
instead of treating them individually. To simplify this explanation:

1 - User submits a resource request for 2 department permissions
2 - department permission A requires manager approval while department
permission B requires a SME approver
3 - If the manager approves but the SME rejects, both are considered
Denied instead of taking A as an approval and B as a DENY.

Any insight on how to loop and assign the permission for each
entitlement requested individually instead of treating them as one would
be GREATLY appreciated!!


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