RBPM 4.0.1 Patch C.

I read this post


(which has the same issue) from 2 1/2 years ago, and was wondering why
this issue still pesists? I have just encountered this one, and was
wondering if there is a way to get around this bug?

To speed up performance (and not allow the User to enter * in to the
MVEditor Search dialog for a lookup), I converted the MVEditor to use a
DAL Query, and coded my own search fields on the form. All was going
well, until I discovered that there is no way to get the resulting DNs
(we allow Multi Select) to have a nice Display Expression without
breaking the whole reason for the DAL Query. When you put in a DAL
entity value for the 'Entity Key for DN Expression Lookup', the two
settings (DAL Global Query Key and the DAL Global Query Parameter(s))
are completely ignored!! I do not understand why this is. What is the



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