I am trying to generate a pick list on an approval form listing all the
group entitlements on an AD driver.

To do this I have an integration activity invoking the getCodeMapValues
resource web service request. (I'm only interesting in the <displayName>
of each of the returned <codemapvalue> nodes in the result.)

In the post activity of the Data Item Mapping for the IA the Web Service
Output Field has the following:


and the target expression is


Unfortunately, when i then map this flowdata object to the pick list on
my approval form, there is only one result displayed. On the
pre-activity data item mapping for the approval form I have used
and invoking the size() function on this object indicates it is only 1.

I have been unable to find any method of getting all the values in the
result stored in a single flow data variable. I have been able to get
individual results stored in independent flow data variables by using
multiple occurrences of the web service output field mapped to it's own
target expression but this is not of any use since the number of actual
entitlements returned will vary so I can't set the 'Occurs' value in

If anyone knows the correct method for storing results involving
multiple nodes in flow data I would be grateful for the assistance as I
can't find any documentation explaining how this can be done.


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