Good Afternoon Gurus,

I am currently working with IDM 4.0.2 with User Application. I have
currently have one very simple workflow. This flow contains one request
form and one approval form, both with three text fields: firstName,
lastName, email.

The workflow operates in the following manner. A manager starts the
workflow and enters a user's first name, last name, and external email.
When the request form is submitted, an email is sent to the email in the
email text-field using an email task. This email will contain the task
ID for this particular instance of the workflow, embedded in a URL. The
data is then passed through to the approval form in the approval task,
which is assigned to the uaadmin account. The approval form is
populated with the data from the start form.

From here, I plan on leveraging a JSP page that uses SOAP to contact the
workflow and retrieve the data in the approval step. The user will use
the JSP to review and modify the data present. When the user submits
the JSP, the form uses another SOAP call to make any modifications in
the approval step and then submit the approval step.

My current issue deals with retrieving the data from the approval step.
Would anyone happen to have any experience with a situation similar to
this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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