My main goal, get seleted values from a 2 input picklist and save the
selected values to a multi-valued attribute

Simple approval form, which is set to auto approval:
approved /entity

I have a request form called request_form
i have an approval form called approval_form which I never see, because
of the auto approval. If i try to remove the Approval_form, i get an
error and it wont deploy (i am not sure why).. so I leave it there.

I have been struggling with this for a week now. I am able to populate
the left list, and move the items to the right, if I do an onChange
alert on the field and the flow data variable, I can see the items in
the array. But...

When I get to the Entity stage and attempt to map them to the selected attributes are not saved.

relevant code to in the data item mapping of the entity

function abc() {
var finalArray = new;
finalArray =
return finalArray;

Any help or ideas are appreciated.

In addition, any good tutorials would be helpful too.. thanks

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