I have a UA version 4.0.2 running (migrated from version 3.7). When i
cn=ResourceRequests,cn=RoleConfig,cn=AppConfig,cn= UserApplication,cn=Driver
Set,o=services i can see 160 running Resource Requests. The cleanup
setting in the UA is set to 7 days (standard setting).

When i login into iManager, i can see no running workflows before date
01-April-2013 for example, but in eDir i see a lot of Requests with
status 15 (Approval pending) before that date. When i look into the
details of the request (via UA interface, manage user, show status, show
system comments) it's a terminated workflow (probably from iManager,
workflows, terminate by administrator), but somehow the nrfStatus is
still 15, and the visual status in the UA interface is 'Approval

Three questions:
- Can i set the nrfStatus manually to 75 cancelled for these somehow not
really terminated workflows
- Will this cause the Role and Resource driver to cleanup these entries
(even if they are 180 days old).
- Is there another way to purge old requests

Edit: another question
What normally happens to workflows with status 50 'Provisioned'. Will
they exist till the end of time or should the Role and Resource driver
clean these too?

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