Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1 Patch B
Build Revision 37827

The form has a DNLookup control and several DNDisplay fields. There is
an event sent on the DNLookup change that is picked up in all the
DNDisplay fields which causes them to re-read the value in the DNLookup
control. For example, fhe field named "Department" is set to display
entity user and display expression OU.

On loading this works fine, the DNLookup is populated with the DN of an
object and each of the DNDisplay fields display their appropriate
attribute values.

Then you change the DNLookup value to another object. Each of the
DNDisplay fields change to the DN of the new object but never get the
data from that object. So that same DNDisplay now says
cn=TTT0123,ou=Users,o=ACME instead of the OU attribute of that object.

Bug? Or is there some secret sauce method I need to call to update the


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