We're working on a big production environment and we would to increase
memory usage of Java in UserApp.

OS is x64 bits so I understand it could be possible to use a 64 bit JRE.
We installed the product using Integrated Installation for IDM, which
automatically installed JBossPostgreSQL (32 bits).

I found this
https://forums.netiq.com/showthread....4-bit-User-App where it
seems it's possible to change the JRE from 32 to 64 bits.

I have some questions about it because I suppose during the integrated
configuration it automatically configured jre keystore, datasources,

I'm not a JBoss expert so I'm a bit lost in this area.

Does anyone know which configurations we should change from a generic
JRE (64 bits) to work as the built-in JRE on JBoss (32 bits)?

Thank you!


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