This is a resolved issue but I wanted to post this here so that I don't

I was getting an invalid attribute error on one of my entity activities.
I could add the attribute in ConsoleOne, but I then checked using LBE.
The particular attribute name in question had an underscore in it. When
the DAL calculated the LDAP name for the attribute, it left the
underscore in there. However nldap removes the underscore (and most
other non alphabetic characters) from the LDAP name, so the names did
not match.

This also affected reading another attribute later, which was when I
decided I better post this for my and everyone else's sanity.

I will also put in an enhancement request that this be fixed; in reality
this is a BUG, when building out the DAL, Designer (or whatever is doing
this) should be able to look at how ldap has mapped the attributes and
map it the same way, after all these are all products from the same
company, and even if they weren't (I guess now they currently aren't
technically), it should read the current mapped attribute name and not
try to calculate (incorrectly) the attribute name.

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