Client has a pretty complex workflow which I have built out in UA. I am
getting ready to deploy this with them but I have some questions
regarding the permissioning model.

We have defined roles which describe each of the different types of
actors at the client, controller, general manager, application
administrator, etc. Each of these roles contains assignees who are
supposed to be allowed to approve these workflows.

So far I am getting an error when one of these users tries to open a
workflow addressed to them;
An error occurred retrieving the task details:An error occurred
processing the request. (Task with id =
[ad506d34529f40d5a7d47ff4033e1614] is not available. This task may have
been claimed or processed by another user.)

If you look on the dashboard, the task is not in their tasks.

So there is definitely a permission problem, I have created a team and
put a group this user is in in that team but I still don't see the

But overall I need a way to get from the role to the team membership. I
was hoping to set up a "relationship" in the DAL but it greys out the
tick box for using the relationship for teams. How do you add a new one?
Can you?

Advice appreciated

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