we're trying to assign roles to some special system accounts that we
don't want to keep in the same OU as all the ordinary users for various
reasons. The default user DAL entry points to one specific ou \o\ou1\ou2
and I want to keep the system accounts in \o\ou1\ou3 for separation. The
system accoutns are by this approach invisible so I figured that I add
another DAL entity for theese with a searchbase of \o\ou1\ou3 and made
that searchable.

Figured that I would be able to use this new DAL entity from the "Assign
Role" dialog but there are only the standard user/group/ou selectable
(and yes I did flush the cache)

So the real question is - is it possible to have more entities
selectable in the "Assign" dialogues in UA?
Were on 402B btw


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