Hi! I can't call a function specified in the "Global Scripts" as an
external function.
I followed all steps from 'this' (http://tinyurl.com/n3x9thv) post:
jessesmith;79696 Wrote:
> 1. Create the ECMA script in a Library object on the driver set.
> 2. Include the ECMA script into the UserApp driver in the ECMA section
> of the driver config.
> 3. Upload the Library and UserApp driver changes to IDVault and restart
> userapp driver.
> 4. Include the ecma script in the "Global Scripts" section of the
> custom PRD as an external function.

If I call the function from the client-side I get the error
"Unrecoverable error during asynchronous call (test is not defined)"
though I can see that function in the "Event Action Expression Builder"
script functions list.
Any suggestions why I get the error? Thank you!

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