I've built a new SUSE 11.2 server and installed EAS and weblogic.

Following the documentation at http://tinyurl.com/om6spzl I wind up with
a directory that contains several xml, jar, and war files.

The documentation the quite unhelpfully says "Deploy the reporting
module using the application server deployment tools."

How should these be deployed? As applications? As Libraries? are they
dependent on each other in some order? I've tried deploying them and get
various errors about missing classes or things like "Can't find bundle
for base name com.novell.idm.rpt.core.server.CoreStringsRsrc, locale

At least with the userapp documentation we were told what needed to be
added to EXT_PRE_CLASSPATH, etc.

Does anyone have any _useful_ information on how to get reporting up and

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