I recently migrated a site that was using a very old version UserApp
(3.6) all the way up to IdM 4.0.2. Everything has actually gone
surprisingly well and all the PRDs seem to work with only minor glitches
so far. So I'm quite pleased. However, I have one problem. Several of
the drivers had policy to start workflows. Those have broken now.
Whenever it tries to start a workflow from IdM policy, I see this

java.rmi.RemoteException: unknown exception at server no serializer
found for "java.lang.IllegalStateException"; nested exception is:

Since I do have the latest IdM patches on, I thought maybe it was
afadmin.jar and wssdk.jar. So I made sure and updated those in the
dirxml/classes dir on the IdM server and restarted edir, but it made no
difference (I think the error did change a bit, but I don't have the
original error handy).

So I'm at a loss on this. Any ideas why I can't do a start-workflow
from policy now? Thanks.


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