I had a form which was working, now it's not. I think at one point I
might have created a second SubmitAction then deleted one perhaps the
"wrong one" is there is such a thing. It's working for intercepts:

form.interceptAction("SubmitAction", "around",
function (invocation) {
if (field.getValue().toString()=='true') {
var result = invocation.proceed(); return result;
form.alert("You must acknowlege the terms and expectations .\n");

This alert comes out when it should, and does not when it should not. I
see some activity on submit in the web console on submit, three gets and
shortly after a post, but it does not submit and there is nothing in the
server trace. I thought maybe that this intercept code was the problem
so I commented it all out but no change, it still does not work.

Any suggestions on how to further debug this?

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