So I am trying out the Role Request Activity for the first time. My
expectation for this is that I will pass in a user and a role DN and the
mode of "grant", it will either grant them the role, or if the role is
configured with an approval flow it will put in the request and send the
standard role approval flow using the approver identified on the role.
The role has an approver, identified, but....I am getting an error in
this activity

2013-08-13 12:19:12,867 ERROR []
(pool-10-thread-10) [Workflow_Error] Initiated by,ou=Users,ou=StoryArc,ou=Logi n,o=RareProgeny,dc=com,
Error Message: Error initializing script
ing engine or scripting context, Process ID:
9bae492399b944f78c67ee00ff31f904, Process Name: cn=Account-Request,cn
=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn=UserApplication,cn=ID M,o=RareProgeny,dc=com:200,
Activity: Activity1, Recipient: uid=,ou=Users,ou=StoryArc,ou=Login,o=RareProgeny,dc=co m

Are there any special considerations using this activity? I am passing
in both the assignee user are well as the role as DNs and they are
coming from flowdata from an earlier activity....both values came in
programmatically not by being typed in, no real chance of a type... not
sure what else to try here. Any trace I can crank up?


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