NetIQ 4.0.1 AE
Novell eDirectory : eDirectory for NT x86_64 v8.8 SP6 running on
Windows Server 2008 64-bit OS

I want to install SSO setup with Kerberos (Active Directory). As i
understand, i need to install SAML methods.

While reading the document its says about SAML mehtod:

SAML and NMAS methods must be installed to the eDirectory Server that
the User Application is
configured to use. *Currently, Novell provides SAML methods for the
following 32 bit operating
 Windows
 Linux
In addition, 64-bit SAML methods are available for Linux. SAML methods
are not available for

Means that I cannot not continue with the SAML setup?--. Since my Novell
eDirectory 64-bit is running o Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit OS.. ??

Have i understood correct?


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