So we are front-ending UserApp 4.0.1 with NAM.
NAM "SSO" into UserApp via SAML (ie, it sends via Identity Injection the
SAML cookie/token for the password and the eDir userid).

The issue:

If you "logout" or timeout in the UA, but your SAML token is still
valid, and you try to get to the UA again, you are taken to the
login.jsp page, which presents you with the good old-fashioned UA login
page for userid/password. But since we're using SAML, there's no
password (well we don't know the passwords since these are federated
users from another SAML IDP).

Is there a way to get the UA to clear/end the SAML stuff when a timeout
happens? (I think if you do the /AGLogout that only works for LOGOUT,
not timeout, which is different)???



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