UA 4.0.1

When you make a process request, it launches a little "pop-up" window
that has a bluish title bar of:
Make a process request

Followed by:
Step 3 of 3: Confirm and complete, blah blah blah

Followed by 4 lines (before the actual form) of:
Process Request Category

1) Can and how would one change the bluish title bar so that instead
of: Make a Process Request, it has your actual wording (ie: Validation

2) Can/How do you remove/hide the stupid: Step 3 of 3 stuff (OR, if it
can't be removed, how do you change the text?)

3) Can/How do you remove/hide the 4 items (this just confuses the
end-users and doesn't really add anything, IMO).

I see Will made a cool solutions that seems to address #3 (but I can't
remember if that's what we did like a year ago in the test lab, but I
know we were able to hide the fields).

Thanks in advance!

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