Requirement - through PRD user’s account should be provisioned to the
connected system (LDAP, DB etc) based on the user’s resource selection
from ‘Request Form’

I am creating a PRD of category entitlement, in this after taking value
from ‘Request Form’ in the activity ‘Entitlement Provisioning Activity’
I search for the entitlement ‘LDAP User Account’ (its default), by
selecting the driver

But when I launch the PRD I got below error-

Invalid JSON detected for entitlement parameter. Entitlement DN:
CN=Account,CN=LDAP Driver Please Again,CN=ctsdriver,O=system., Process
ID: d5d7f
b8c91614e5e8aa3dc9bfca1a210, Process Name:
cn=TestRoleBasedEnt,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn =User Application
Driver,cn=ctsdriver,o=system:8, Activity: pr
ov, Recipient: cn=TestEntitlement,ou=users,o=data

Amit S.

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