Hello everyone,

We have a fairly large IDM 4.0.2 (advanced edition) deployment with 20k+
users and a few dozens of drivers.
We have recently migrated our UA from 3.6.1 to 4.0.2, including the
latest patches.
Here is an issue we're having with contemporary versions of all three
major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) running off Windows 7.

In the User Application, the labels in the header tabs are stripped past
22 characters. Which causes no issues with default English labels such
as "Identity Self-Service" (21 chars) or "Work Dashboard" (14 chars) but
is definitely a problem with NetIQ-provided default labels for (e.g.)
French (I can only suspect the same is true for several languages).

Cases in point :

- "Work Dashboard" is translated as "Tableau de bord de travail" which
is then displayed as "Tableau de bord de tra..."
- "Identity Self-Service" is translated as "Self-service d'identit"
which is then displayed as "Self-service d'identit..." (this one is
particularly ridiculous as the last character () is replaced by ...
(which arguably is an other character, or three).

Now, before we get started in a wrong direction, I stronlgy believe this
is NOT a pixel-width issue with the graphical elements, but a
number-of-characters-in-string issue. My reasoning : the NetIQ-provided
graphics for the header tabs are 6 pixels- and 300 pixels-wide (left and
right side respectively). And the example labels above are stripped to
about 245 pixels (Self-service d'identit...) and 255 pixels (Tableau de
bord de tra...).

Of course, as a workaround, we could modify the translation files (jar
files under %idminstallpath%/l10n-resources) as outlined in the
documentation, and resort to systematically using shorter labels. But
this is rather tedious due to the number of occurrences of the
problematic strings AND we have to come up with meaningful labels that
remain short enough.

* Is there a NetIQ-approved way to modify this behavior (i.e. one that
does not get us into unsupported territory) ?
* If not, where do we submit an enhancement/feature request for an
upcoming version ?

Thanks a lot for any useful tip on this one,


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