Current setup:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9
Designer for Novell Identity Manager Version: 4.0.2 Build id: 20120611
UserApp 3.6.1
RBPM 3.6.1 with latest patches
IDM engine
Application Server is JBOSS
Database is MYSQL

NEW server I am wanting to Migrate UserApp too
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9
UserApp 4.0.2
RBPM 4.0.2
IDM 4.0.2

I will explain where I am currently at in the process before I describe
my confusion.
We are moving to new server hardware and using this time to upgrade to
the latest IDM engine of 4.0.2. I have been going through the "Identity
Manager 4.0.2 Upgrade and Migration Guide" in which we are doing a
migration instead of an upgrade.... I have RedHat 5.9 64bit installed
configured and updated, eDir88SP8 installed and the eDir replicas have
been added, IDM 4.0.2 engine has been installed and updated with the
latest patch, I installed the JBOSS application server and accepted the
default to also install JBOSSPostgreSQL, I downloaded and installed
jdk1.6.0_34 and that is where I have stopped.

I really do have alot of questions but I will try to keep them short and
just ask the questions instead of listing my reasons for these
questions, if turns out to be necessary then I have no problem doing
that but I don't want to make this confusing by doing that in advance.
--The migration instructions of the UserApp seem to always reference an
existing UserApp is setup, but since I am going to a new server that
doesn't have a current UserApp setup....should I be setting up a new
UserApp and RBPM and then let the migration steps take me from the old
to the new version/server?

--As far as the database, it appears that on our old 3.6.1 setup we
installed a MySQL server and database for UserApp to use, is that still
the thing to do....if one prefers MySQL and could I just copy that
database over or should I setup a new one on the new server and use some
sort of tool for importing our current db or just do a simple copy of
the db etc.?

Thank you all in advance, and I hope some of this makes sense. It seems
that when I am reading the migration manuals that I keep getting deeper
and deeper into links and with each link there are steps that have to be
done before I can proceed and it just all seems to be running together
after a while.

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