Hello everyone,

While investigating for another issue (please see
http://tinyurl.com/nb4rcud), we've found out that the _history cookies
do not get updated once they reach their maximum size.

The Maximum size for the cookie value seems to be around 4020 Bytes,
which makes sense considering many browsers implement a 4 kB size limit
for cookies (including expiration time and other overhead data). Well,
that is for Chrome 29 and Firefox 24. IE 9 seems to set its own limit
at about 5 kB.

Once the _history cookie reaches that size, it stops being updated when
new items are browsed for. However, the cookie lifetime keeps being
updated (again, for Chrome and FF, while IE does not seem to update the
cookie at all). Consequently, the most recent searches are "forgotten"
in the UI after the user leaves the page and/or logs out and back in the
user application.

I have been able to reproduce this issue with Firefox 24 (Version 24.0)
and Chrome 29 (Version 29.0.1547.76 m), under Windows 7. I understand
these are not supported browsers. As I said, however, IE 9 exhibits the
same problem albeit with a slightly different behavior.

This in itself is not a huge problem, although it sort of makes the
"history" feature not very consistent and predictable for end-users.

Is anyone able to reproduce this ?
Anyone got any idea for a workaround ?

Best regards,


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