Hi team,

We are stuck in a process stated below, Kindly Help.

Step 1:-We Have Created a Custom Entitlement for a driver through
Step 2:-We Enabled the Entitlememt By adding "DirXML-EntitlementRef"
Attribute in The Driver Filter.
Step 3:- We have created the corresponding custom policy to implement
the entitlement in the event transformation policy of the same driver.
Step 4:- We Deployed the Driver after adding the policy to driver
Step 5:- I am Able to View the entitlement in IManager.
Step 6:- In User Application, We have Created a Resource And trying to
Add the Custom Entitlement Created above in "Step 1". But I am unable to
View the entitlement in the option available.

(Note:- We have restarted the jboss app server many times to get the
reflection of that entitlement..But, Bad Luck...unable to view the

Kindly Post your reply and help us out.
It would be an added Preference for us, if you could provide us any
reference for the same.

Thanking in Advance,

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