We have a workflow where we need to check the GROUP MEMBERSHIP's for the
approval process,for which we have written a small function like:-

(CheckHRmembership(initiator) == "x" ) ? true:false;

function CheckHRmembership(userDN)
var grp = IDVault.get(userDN,'user','group');
var hr_grp = "CN=*******,OU=groups,O=data";
var isMember;
var grpIterator = grp.iterator();

var currentNode = grpIterator.next();
if (currentNode.toLowerCase() == hr_grp.toLowerCase())
break ;}
return isMember;
this was working fine but now when we tried moving the workflow from one
system to another system after that when we are initiating the workflow
and when we are submitting the workflow we are getting an error like:-

[com.novell.soa.af.impl.activity.ActivityNode:handl eException] Error
Evaluating Script Error Evaluating Script
com.novell.soa.script.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError : TypeError: Cannot
read property "iterator" from null*

Can anyone help me in this?

Thanks and Regards,
Vijay Deepak

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