I just got a chance to do my first Provisioning package. Finding all
sorts of interesting things. (Only 2 bugs reported so far! Woo Hoo!)

But here is a question. I built my PRD/DAL/GCV package for UA 4.01,
which is against a Base package of 1.05.

Now I know the customer is going upgrade to UA 4.02 at some patch level,
which means a UA Base package of 2.2.0 or 2.30.

Well for testing a bug I found, I tried to apply my package against
those UA base packages, and got a pop up warning that I built against UA
4.01 and this is UA 4.02 and not allowed.

So what is my actual path, as a Package Developer, to build on Version X
of the UA, and then provide an updated version for UA Version X+1 and
later X+2?

I need to apply my package to driver config, and be able to use it
against a newer or older version as well.

Hmm, can I build a UA 1.05, add my package, then upgrade it to 2.20 and
then rebuild my package? Will that work?

Looks like it. Hmm, that is slightly less than obvious.