I have been trying to leverage the code in http://tinyurl.com/3y7xpj to
add some code to a form which fires an event on a button click. I have
done this before. It has worked, except today. I don't know what I am
doing incorrectly but, while the showMsg in the onclick is working, the
dojo.publish() isn't.

The IDM version is:
Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1
Build Revision 37294

Running on SLES 11 SP2 x86_64, built from the integrated installer

My button from the HTML form is this:

(function(){return "<input type=\"button\" value=\"Next &gt;\"
onclick=\"JUICE.UICtrlUtil.showMsg(&quot;Sending event
increment.&quot;,&quot;1&quot; var ctrl =
JUICE.UICtrlUtil.getControl(&quot;Wizard&quot; var vals =
ctrl.getValues(); var evt = new
JUICE.WFASEvent(&quot;Wizard&quot;,&quot;increment &quot;, vals, null,
null); var evt_array = new Array(evt);
dojo.publish(&quot;WFAS_increment&quot;,evt_array) ; \">";}) ();

the event handler "increment" is:

var v = parseInt(field.getValue(),16);

if (v < 5)

The form.alert() never runs so I assume the event is not firing.

I have tried IE10, FFox 20.0 on Linux, FFox 24.0 on Windows 7, no joy

At my wits end now, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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