I have IDM 4.0.2 RBPM with latest patch on Linux

Every thign is ok

I am trying to create an Entity with date attributes

The entity is called "cbaPresence" in the DAL and the LDAP class is
called "cbaPresence" as well

I have a date attibute called "cbaDateDebut"

So from a "DatePicker" field I driectly poulate the "cpaPresence" entity
from the date field (flowdata.get('start/request_form/dateDebut'))

I am getting an error on the logs :

-[STDOUT] ERROR [RBPM] [com.novell.soa.af.impl.LogEvent:logError]
[Workflow_Error] Initiated by cn=10298,ou=Identites,o=cpa, Error
Message: Attempt to set value on Data item [cpaDateDebut] using
incorrect type; expecting [date] got [20131031000000Z].., Process ID:
9e9530e1e4f240fb88b16ea68d329eb3, Process Name:
cn=CreationIdentite,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn =UserApplication,cn=DriverSet,ou=ressources,o=cpa: 1372,
Activity: Activity2, Recipient: cn=10298,ou=Identites,o=cba-

What is the exact format of the date attribute required as an LDAP date
format seems not to be ok

I tried also directly populating by (new Date()) object but it failed

Please help


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