I was looking at the template Approval workflow in D4.02 AU2a for the
case of tying a workflow for simple approval to a Role. (Role
Assignment/Revocation Approval, template) (User App 4.02 Patch C build
Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.2 Patch C
Build Revision 39446)

Before i did it, I like to understand what it is doing, so I started
reading what the actions do.

I noticed a couple of functions used in it:


None of those three show up in the ECMA browser (First column, Role
Request, Is or Get methods) in my Designer.

Looking at the 4.02 docs on this page:

in section 9.3.3 I found the Is methods, and isQuorumProcess() is
missing from the docs.

A little lower down they discuss the Get methods, and the two
getApproverDN/getAllApproversDN above are missing there as well.

If the docs do not have the info, if the ECMA browser does not provide
the options, how are we supposed to know these functions are available?

Is there actually a comprehensive list of all the available functions?
My first assumption was the docs, but that did not seem to pan out.