Having a Vinnie Barberino moment,- "I'm so confused!"-

Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1 Patch D
Build Revision 39450

Relatively simple workflow. I have a TrueFalseCheckbox named Ceriidan.
In the start activity -> Post Activity Mapping the default mapping has
been selected: flowdata.start/request_form/Ceridian

A little ways down the workflow, I have a condition activity called
"got_ceridian" which contains the following condition:

flowdata.get('start/request_form/Ceridian') == 'true'

This never evaluates to true, no matter whether I check the box or not.
I also tried:

flowdata.get('start/request_form/Ceridian').toString() == 'true'

No joy. I have a global function I use for tracing called "msg()" which
takes a value and then outputs the same value after putting it into

function repeat(ch,count)
var r="";
for (var i = 0; i < count; i++)
r += ch;
return r;

function msg(m)

if (!undef(m))
ms = m.toString();
var tb = "+" + repeat("-",ms.length+2) + "+";
var si = "|" +repeat(" ",ms.length+2) + "|";
java.lang.System.out.println("| " + ms + " |");
return m;

I can use that to wrap any parameter and get it's value in trace as it's
passed in, so I set the condition to this:

msg(flowdata.get('start/request_form/Ceridian')) == 'true'

The result was:

2013-11-05 12:23:53,932 INFO [STDOUT] (pool-14-thread-6) 701840827
ead-6] DEBUG com.novell.soa.af.impl.core.DataItemEvaluator - evaluating
to stri
ng: msg(flowdata.get('start/request_form/Ceridian')) == 'true'
2013-11-05 12:23:53,935 INFO [STDOUT] (pool-14-thread-6) +--+
2013-11-05 12:23:53,936 INFO [STDOUT] (pool-14-thread-6) | |
2013-11-05 12:23:53,937 INFO [STDOUT] (pool-14-thread-6) | |
2013-11-05 12:23:53,938 INFO [STDOUT] (pool-14-thread-6) | |
2013-11-05 12:23:53,940 INFO [STDOUT] (pool-14-thread-6) +--+

So I am not sure how I am not getting this value mapped, or if there is
some magick that I am missing, but I have done this before and I don't
know where I have gone awry...

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