I am setting up a new install of UserApp 402 application and driver as
well as the RBPM driver and components. I can log into the application
with my userapp2 account, the account I configured to be the admin
during the configupdate.sh, and when I navigate to Administration > RBPM
Provisioning and Security, on the left hand side I do not see the
Assignments and Permissions > Administrator Assignments button and when
I go to Administration > RBPM Provisioning and Security > Navigation
Access Permissions and try to change anything, I get "-An error occurred
processing the request. (User cn=USERAPP2,ou=IDM,ou=SVS,o=<commentedout>
has no rights to modify navigation item:
cn=WorkDashBoard,cn=NavItems,cn=UIConfig,cn=AppCon fig,cn=User_App,cn=ENTERPRISE,ou=IDM,ou=SVS,o=<com mentedout>.-)

When I go to Roles and Resources and try to add a user to any of the
Roles, I get -Error: You are unauthorized for this operation-

After I log in with a non admin account, I get the message
-Provisioning application error:
Action: Application action
Error Message:
You do not have access rights to [menu-item] with id = [Work

And in the server log it shows -13:40:47,499 INFO [STDOUT] ERROR [RBPM]
[com.novell.srvprv.apwa.tag.StackTraceTag:doEndTag] You do not have
access rights to [menu-item] with id = [Work Dashboard].-

I have attempted to do as the docs suggest and re-run the
configupdate.sh and confirmed that my adminaccount of userapp2 is
selected for the admin for all of the roles, but I am obviously still
doing something wrong. Anyone have any ideas, either I have chosen
something wrong in the installation or I am missing on how to configure
the app. I have spent several days on this and cannot figure these
errors out. Thank you all in advance.

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