Hi All,

I have a client requirement for a Good custom GUI -- to implement
Request Access IdM managed applications(40 application).

1- on click of left link user will get a page with its profile details,
and also all the 40 IdM applications in the list box.
2- User select the desired item/application(s) and move to right list
box (using arrow key button)
3- Based on the application selection, the corrosponding Form should
open in different Tabs of the form.Each app require furthur input from
4- User fill the info and submit the Form for processing/approval

Now, my challenge is I am not able to use multiple form in a PRD and
writing all the 40 applications GUI in one from with display/hide
feature would not be preferable.

please suggest the best approach to achieve this. I can change the
design, but the requirement is to raise the request for multiple
application at one time with good GUI.

Any response will be great help!

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