Hi Guys/Gals,

I'm getting so lost here how do i forward driver logs/event from IDM and
my generic workflow logs activity to my Identity Reporting Module EAS
database(UA) server? both of it are 2 different server and both can
communicate with each other. I followed lots of pieces from multiple
documentations and it cause me to be so lost right now, I will just
state what I did here so far:

1st - both IDM and Identity Reporting Module(my Identity Reporting
Module is located same with my UA server) servers are up
2nd - from my IDM server i configured the "/etc/logevent.conf" and input
in the end of the configuration file "LogHost=(UA server IP)"
3rd - at iManager i edit the driverset1 log level to log specific events
then select the whole thing (for testing purpose"), then restart my edir
with ndsd restart
4th - now I configure my UA server "/etc/logevent.conf" and input
"LogHost=(UA server IP)" and "LogEnginePort=1289"
5th - Access to my UA as Administrator and configure the "logging" and
check the check box "Also send logging messages to audit service"
restart the server as well in the process
6th - I launched the Event source Manager from my Identity Reporting
Module(IRM) and I can see that events are coming in from my IDM server
by displaying the "open raw data tap" but no events are coming in from
my UA server.

Ok, my questions are:
1st - There are so much junk from my IDM server and the data doesn't
really make sense at all what I want is actually just data when the
driver is being trigger success/fail/error description, how can I do it?
which log should specify?
2nd - Why am i not receiving any data from my UA server at all even when
I run any generic workflow such as request/claim/approved/denied and

Many thanks in advance for anyone who are willing to help me.

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