Hi Guys,

User App:
Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1 Patch C
Build Revision 38774

There is this modify workflow that we have with us.
It has a notes section mapped to the description attribute in
eDirectory, which is generally used for updating changes that we make to
the user.

So, a user accesses this modify user workflow from make request.
He searches for the user, updates the user and adds a small note.
Clicks submit.
The changes get saved, and the description attribute gets updated for
the user.

Now, the user goes back to modify user form.
Opens the same user, for which the notes section was updated with some
The notes section does not display what is there in the Description

Where as when I go and check user in eDirectory, the description
attribute is populated with the string, just fine.

So, is this normal for notes section mapped to description to not
retrieve value from eDirectory?
Or am I missing something?

Any help please!

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