I've stumped myself. I think this should be possible, but I'm stuck on
trying to actually do it.

In a PRD on the form, prior to submission, I have a couple of fields that
are pre-filled from attributes on the current user object:

Email Address: user1@company.com
EMPLID: 0011223344

I then have a DN picklist of other objects, generated from onload event:

IDVault.globalQuery("OtherAccounts", "OtherAccountsQuery",

So far, this is all working. Now what I'm trying to do is get the
currently selected DN from the picklist, and display the email address
from that object. That's where I'm stuck.

I think I need an onchange event, but from within that, I don't see a way
to get the currently selected object from the picklist.

The end result I'm going for will be a form that has something like:

Account: user1
Email Address: user1@company.com
EMPLID: 0011223344
Other Accounts:

Email Address: otheruser3@company.com

where as the selection of the "Other Accounts" picklist changes, the
email address displayed changes as well.

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