We have created a clone of our production environment for test and
development purpose.
All eDirectory, drivers, application servers and UA-server is running
and working.

BUT, in boot.log on UA there is an error which we do not see on the
original server:
15:48:04,624 "DEBUG [ProfileServiceBootstrap] Failed to build
MangedDeployment for:
and it goes on and then "... Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException:
ClassLoader has not been set..." and then some more, followed by the
normal output:
15:48:04,625 "DEBUG [AbstractDeploymentContext] Added component
ClassLoaderSystem to file:

In server.log we get the following warnings:
WARNING [org.jboss.ha.jndi.HANamingService] (main) Failed to start
AutomaticDiscovery java.net.SocketException: No such Service ...(and
then a lot of "at java.net..." and "at org.jboss...")
INFO [org.jboss.invocation.undefined.server.UndefinedInv okerHA] (main)
Service name is jboss:service=invoker,type=unifiedha
WARNING [org.jboss.annotation.factory.AnnotationCreator] (main) No
ClassLoader provided, using TCCL:
org.jboss.managed.api.annotation.ManagementCompone nt
- this last one comes twice -
and the UA loads and starts normaly and until now we have not
encountered any defects.

However, we would very much like to have it running without these errors
and warnings so if anyone has a suggestion it would be appreciated.

We have searched the server for files containing the old ip-addr.
We have imported new certificates to cacert.

IDM 4.0.1 B, build: 37827
Running on SLES 11sp1 64-bit

Thank you in advance.

PS.: The cloned environment is locked down on vSphere with no file
access which is why I do not provide more comprehensive logs.

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