Hello all,

We are developing a simple creation/update workflow in User App, and we
have 30 fields to fill.
When we want to update a user we use a DNLookup field, so, when we
select a user we update the form fields on the event "onChange" of the
DNLookup field.

We use in the script:

userDN = form.getValue("userfield");
IDVault.get("field1", userDN, 'user', 'customAttr1');
IDVault.get("field2", userDN, 'user', 'customAttr2');
IDVault.get("field30", userDN, 'user', 'customAttr30');

The problem with this is that there is one request to IDV for each
attribute, so it is a time-consuming method.

Is there a method, to do just one request to the server and get all the
attributes once? The function IDV.get() allows just getting one

Thanks in advance.

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