On both a VM and a server i encounter the following error after patching
the UA 4.0.2 + Reporting Module


Patch procedure (from readme):

1. Ran patchuserapp.bin
2. removed tmp and localhost contents from deploy dir
3. copied ldapconfig_support and hibernate3.jar
4. Replaced IDMRPT WAR files
5. Removed directory /opt/novell/IdentityReporting/reportContent (why is
this neccesary btw?)
6. Updated EAS with the SQL files
7. Replaced nrfdriver.jar, srvprvuad.jar, afadmin.jar and wssdk.jar
8. Updated DCS driver and MSGW driver jar files

After restart i get this error:

> 2014-01-07 13:17:26,416 INFO [STDOUT] (main) ERROR [RPT]
> [com.novell.idm.rpt.core.server.rest.OsgiBridge:<cl init>] Could not
> create framework due to error.
> org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exporing '.' is invalid.

Any ideas?

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